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Worldwide Shipping

We ship all our products through the EMS. Below is the details of the service: EMS (Express Mail Service)
“Introduction to a new dimension of EMS, the world’s fastest international courier Thailand” Speed, security and reliability become important factors in today’s business communication with overseas countries. You can send letters, business documents, samples and merchandise directly to their destinations, in all corners of the world, safely and promptly as scheduled beforehand through EMS of the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT). The coordination between various postal administrations enables the delivery of EMS items in more than 90 countries, covering over 550,000 areas around the world. In case of any delay, or loss, CAT is pleased to refund the postage charge and pay indemnity(in case of loss) to you immediately.

On-time delivery guaranteed…delays refundable
The EMS service, with its systematic schedule, can guarantee date of arrival in recipients’ hands; but if any delay or failure is caused to the schedule due to the fault of postal administrations concerned, CAT is pleased to refund you the postage charge. Or in case of loss, CAT is pleased to pay indemnity up to a maximum of 3,000 baht for document and 7,000 baht for package / merchandise and also to refund the postage charge.

Rate for international EMS
EMS offers reasonable rates and imposes no special charge on each shipment. Special Treatment During customs Clearance If your articles are business papers or non-dutiable samples,we can pass them through Customs with utmost speed; in case of dutiable articles or merchandise, they shall be treated in the first priority in customs clearance.

Serving with more flights of more airlines
EMS gives you more convenience than any other service thanks to its flexibility to use any available airlines. Only direct and quickest flights are selected for EMS dispatches. Every item sent through EMS is taken care of in every step until it reaches the addressees’ hands. We have studied the flight schedules of different airlines, so you can rest assured that your items sent through EMS will most safely and rapidly arrive at their destinations.