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With over 20 years of being professional in beauty breast cares, we, Stherb Cosmetics International Co., Ltd., have collected many testimonials from our real customers which can divided into various categories such as Order, Products, Customer Service, and Shipping. We have to say thank you to our valued customers for sharing these meaningful feedbacks with us and we promised to never stop developing our products and giving you all the supreme customer service.

I. Order

On the onset let me thank you for quick resolution of the problem,
I m glad that I placed my order with Your company out of many available on net. I hope I will be equally glad with the results of your products.“

Kalpana S., India

Thanks a lot for your e-mail & support, feels really good to hear Stherb cares for its customers.
I would like share with you that there was a delay in receiving the Product after ordering. as there was a customs issue and had to produce an invoice to reveive the same. thanks to Teresa for all the support.“

Deepa K., India

II. Products

Am happy with the product and will be ordering more in near future, Thank you”

Phakiwe Z., South Africa

Hello, Thank you for your email. Regarding my experience with your product, while I’m using it, results are good.”

Sarra K., Unite Arab Emirates

I am very happy with your products and have experienced wonderful results. I plan to buy more products within the next two months. Thank you. I love your products!”

Crystal M., USA

 The St. Herb breast enhancement products work wonderfully.  I am extremely pleased with the results. Thank you for your inquiry.”

Stephanie K., USA

Thanks for the products. I’ve been using since arrived, I would like to continue purchasing, ”

Patricia R., Brazil

The breast serum seemed to be working within the first 3 weeks.”

Lisa C., USA

Thank you for your prompt reply, with news I was happy to hear.  When I take the capsules, within a couple of weeks I experience fuller, rounder breasts, and my husband tells me that overall, my skin is softer and more feminine-feeling.”

Jerilyn N., USA

III. Customer Service

 Thank you for your concern over your costumers appriciations of your products.”

Christina M., Sweden

Thank you for the nice follow up~ Thank you for your kind reply and detailed instructions! Great customer service:)”

Yin Z., USA

Thank you, Warren!  Your service is the BEST!  I love the products.  I received the order quickly, and without any problems.”

Jerilyn N., USA

Just like to let you know that the customer service, and delivery of the product was excellent”

Angella, Ireland

IV. Shipping

I’ve got the parcel around one week ago from local postal office. Thank you for the reminder.”

Qu J., Australia

I’ve got the product in perfect condition, wrapped in original plastic.
That was excellent. I am so happy about it. Thank you so much.”

Soour G., Australia

Thank You for this email regarding my order. I received the notice and have picked my myu pacakge. And all items were present. I hope this products works well. If so I will be ordering more in the future!”

Kenneth A C., USA

Thanks for the e-mail notice. I like the tracking service you have installed. I don’t have to worry about when I need to go to the po box anymore”

Kelsi M., USA

V. Miscellaneous

Here is my feedback… The shipping was great, the website is great I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to write me back with this explanation”

Cristina G., USA