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Pueraria Mirifica

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Pueraria Mirifica is an herbal ingredient that has gained increased attention in recent years as the news continues to spread regarding its effectiveness for breast enhancement and restoring a youthful appearance. While much acclaim has been made about products that contain this unique herb, it is important to provide the scientific reasoning behind why it is so much more effective than other plants for renewing cellular turnover.

Now that your curiosity is piqued by recent headlines, read on to find out why Pueraria Mirifica is the solution to issues such as sagging breasts and wrinkled skin along with how products made using this ingredient can be used to improve your overall appearance. Once you understand how Pueraria Mirifica works, you will always know exactly what to do when you find yourself unhappy with your appearance.

What is Pueraria Mirifica Plant?

Pueraria Mirifica seems like a recent discovery, but its history goes way back to the ancient times. This beautiful plant is grown in Thailand, and has been called other names by those who are native to the area. For this reason, you will often find this plant referred to as Kwao Krua. However, you should know that there are actually considered to be 4 different classifications of this plant that all have different qualities and potencies. In the early days of its use, Pueraria Mirifica was viewed as a type of folk medicine that had benefits for staving off the hallmark signs of the aging process such as whitening hair and skin wrinkles.

When a plant emerges as a fountain of youth, the scientific community takes notice. Now, the plant is the subject of study of scientists from all over the world that have even used their research as thesis projects designed to establish them as groundbreaking leaders in the natural health community. With new biotechnology, the plant has also been analyzed to identify the most potent strains that are now cultivated in the fields of Thailand for the production of products that enhance your beauty and promote greater vitality.

Researches on Pueraria Mirifica

Although anecdotal evidence points to the fact that Pueraria Mirifica has been safely used for hundreds of years to generate positive changes such as breast growth and skin rejuvenation, numerous studies have been performed in recent years by scientists that are eager to find out exactly how this herb seems to work as an actual fountain of youth. In fact, it is interesting to observe how the world’s understanding of this powerful herb has developed as new technology allowed elements of the herb to be isolated. Now, we know that there is scientific proof behind the seemingly magical benefits that Pueraria Mirifica provides, and the majority of its effects come from the unique phytoestrogens that the plant contains that influence hormonal reactions within the body that stimulate breast enlargement.

The first officially published research regarding Pueraria Mirifica goes back as far as 1932 when a man named Dr. A. F. G. Kerr, who was the Director of the Botanical Column in the Journal of the Siam Society discussed the value of the roots of the Kwao Krua plant for providing rejuvenation to the body. At the time, he referred to the plant mistakenly by the name of Butea Superba. By 1952, however, the plant was correctly identified as Pueraria Mirifica, and the potent phytoestrogen compound was finally isolated so that scientists finally had an explanation for why this herb is so effective for stimulating breast growth and enhancement.

The realization that Pueraria Mirifica contains Phytoestrogens is just the beginning of the discoveries about the plant, and research continues today. In an issue of the Journal of Natural Products that was published in 2000, it was reported that deoxymiroestrol was isolated in the plant, which supports the belief that Pueraria Mirifica contains multiple compounds that are very similar to the human hormone estradiol. It has also been noted that the concentration of phytoestrogens in the plant are much greater than those found in other plants associated with human growth hormones such as soy.

Pueraria Mirifica Benefits

The benefits provided by Pueraria Mirifica mostly come from the phytoestrogenic compounds in the plant that bind to the estrogen receptors in the body. However, products that contain Pueraria Mirifica also provide other benefits based upon the unique blend of herbal ingredients that all work together to enhance your appearance.

The most notable benefit of Puerari aMirifica is its effects upon the breast tissue and underlying mammary glands. When the herbal formula is applied to the breasts as a cream or taken as a capsule, it quickly sets to work by filling the breast tissues with phytoestrogens that generate a reaction within the body that is much like that which occurs during puberty. Over a period of months, women who use Pueraria Mirifica find that their breast tissue begins to swell and collagen production beneath the skin increases so that breasts appear rounder and fuller. Many women also enjoy how their skin begins to tighten so that their breasts are perkier, and there is no more embarrassing sagging.

Women find that these benefits are the ideal solution for common problems that are faced throughout the different phases of a woman’s life. While you might have once loved your breasts, you may now find that they are unsatisfactory after having a baby or breastfeeding. It is also so very disappointing to discover that your breasts look like deflated balloons after you worked so hard to lose weight. The loss of breast tissue during the aging process is also damaging to a woman’s self-esteem as she must try to cope with no longer having her youthful beauty. As devastating as these moments are, women no longer have to accept unsightly changes in their body. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of Pueraria Mirifica is the way that it renews a woman’s self-confidence by giving her control over her body back.

In addition to growing more beautiful breasts, phytoestrogens in the plant Pueraria Mirifica also benefit other aspects of your health. For women going through menopause, Pueraria Mirifica reduces uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and a loss of libido. In fact, a study that took place in Thailand found that women who used Pueraria Mirifica for just one month noticed improvements in their menopause symptoms. This is because Pueraria Mirifica contains miroestrol, and the loss of this estrogenic hormonal compound is responsible for many of the negative symptoms of menopause. Replacing this hormone using natural methods is the ideal option compared to using synthetic hormones that often come with unsavory side effects. Many people find that taking the herb in capsule form also restores youthfulness to the skin by smoothing out wrinkles and increasing collagen so that the underlying structures of the skin have more support.

The restoration of hormonal responses within the bodily systems has other anti-aging benefits for both the physical body and the mind. Since the earliest use, people have been taking Pueraria Mirifica to counteract the symptoms of the aging process such as memory loss, cataracts and hair thinning. Many people have also reported that taking Pueraria Mirifica helps them restore their normal sleep patterns after battles with insomnia, and the increased blood circulation stimulated by the herb leaves them invigorated. Perhaps the most exciting benefit of PuerariaMirifica is the fact that people finally feel energetic and excited about how they look again.

Pueraria Mirifica also provides benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics by improving the health and lives of people who choose to use the herb to increase their physical functioning. In studies, the herb has benefits such as restoring strength to the bones through increasing the circulation in the body so that osteoporosis is slowed down or prevented. For those who choose to use Pueraria Mirifica for osteoporosis, it helps to also include calcium supplementation in their diet to further enhance the benefits of phytoestrogens that come from the herb.

How Safe Is Pueraria Mirifica?

Now that we know why Puearia Mirifica words for stimulating breast growth, the next topic researchers broached was regarding the herb’s safety. In a study, Wistar rats were given a solution of root powder in doses that ranged from 10 to 10,000 milligrams per kilogram of their body weight each day. This study ran for 90 days and concluded that no toxicity in the mice was found at normal intake levels. The follow up report states that safe human consumption of Pueraria Mirifica falls in the range of 50 to 100 mg a day for most individuals. It has also been found that topically applied products of Pueraria Mirifica such as the St. Herb breast cream have not been found to generate dermal toxicity as well.

It should be noted, however, that the powerful Phytoestrogenic qualities of Pueraria Mirifica influence breast growth so strongly that anyone who has not completed the full process of puberty should abstain from using these products. Once a person’s natural breast growth is complete, they may then use Pueraria Mirifica products to achieve fuller breasts if they are unsatisfied with the size or shape that was generated during the natural growth cycle.

Effects of Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica in its most natural state effects changes within the body at a cellular level because it contains phytoestrogens that are bioidentical to those that already exist within the human form. Although women’s bodies depend upon estrogenic hormones more than men’s, everybody can benefit from the rejuvenation effects of products made using Pueraria Mirifica. In several research studies, reports of men using the herb to stimulate breast growth as part of the transition process also exist. Older adult males have also used Pueraria Mirifica to delay the effects of aging such as baldness throughout the years.

The potency of Pueraria Mirifica as it was used in folk medicine was already effective for alleviating many common concerns such as sagging breasts among those who used it. However, our research team took the potency to a new level by using biotechnology to isolate the isoflavones that exist within the root of the plant and have the ability to generate the most changes within the body. Our unique formula allows the effects of Pueraria Mirifica to take place much faster so that breast growth and the anti-aging effects are much more pronounced.

The primary effects of Pueraria Mirifica rely upon the estrogens that the plant produces. It should be understood that the term estrogens refers to several different bioidentical hormones such as estradiol, estrone and estriol. In a woman’s body, these hormones begin to be produced in greater amounts throughout the childbearing years, but they experience strong dips in their levels after pregnancy, during breastfeeding and after menopause. Once a woman enters menopause, her body no longer makes these hormones, which means that they have to be replaced.

The replacement of phytoestrogens through natural sources such as Pueraria Mirifica allows the body to accept them more readily than through synthetic chemicals. This increases the speed with which women begin to notice the beneficial effects of Pueraria Mirifica such as smoother skin, a stronger libido and the lovely breasts that they have always desired. With a more shapely body, women tend to feel more confident and feminine. The ability to maintain the womanly look also allows women to free their mind of any worries that they have about their appearance.

Case Studies of Pueraria Mirifca

– Pueraria Mirifica on Breast Growth

In addition to the research that has been performed regarding safety and proper farming practices, several case studies have also been conducted regarding the efficacy of Pueraria Mirifica on breast growth. The Pueraria Mirifica products such as nano breast cream and nano breast serum were used dermally by a group of volunteers that reported a 94 percent satisfaction rate. These volunteers all reported that they achieved noticeable changes in the size, firmness and shape of their breasts over the testing period.

– Pueraria Mirifica on Breast Enlargement

In addition case studies regarding breast enlargement, it was found that Pueraria Mirifica increased cell turgidity in 90 percent of women. Regarding the 10 percent of women who did not have measurable changes in their breast, it is believed that this is due to the unique biological nature of a person’s chemical makeup. For these women, dietary changes along with genetic factors could mean that they experienced growth but at a slower rate than could be measured in the study.

In the women who did achieve changes in their cell turgidity, it was observed that the average growth rate fell between one-half of an inch to an inch a month over a two to three month period. At this point, most women reached their peak rate of breast growth and enlargement. After this peak, the continued use of Pueraria Mirifica helps women maintain their maximum breast size and fullness so that they continue to remain satisfied with the results.

Pueraria Mirifica Products

Our organic farming practices are only part of the equation for using the potent powers of Pueraria Mirifica to generate renewal for your skin, hair and breasts. After the unique compounds are isolated from the plant, biotechnological processes are incorporated to create products that address many problems that you have with your body. Our St. Herb breast enlargement cream is one of our most popular products, and women can achieve noticeable changes in their breast firmness and shape within just a month of using the product.

For those who need rapid results, our scientists use nanotechnology to create products such as Nano Breast Cream that involve breaking down the active ingredients into tiny particles that are then transferred to the skin through lipids that are more easily absorbed. Since these products quickly deliver the active ingredients to the deeper layers of the breast, the effects are much more noticeable within a short period of time.

St. Herb Breast Capsules are another popular product that can be used along with the cream to generate stronger results, or they can be taken alone. The ingestion of the breast capsules spreads the benefits of Pueraria Mirifica throughout the body. This helps you to enjoy stronger nails, smoother skin and more luscious hair in addition to the breast enhancing benefits that are provided by all of our products.

How Do You Use Pueraria Mirifica Products?

Unlike other breast enhancement methods, Pueraria Mirifica products are designed to be easy to use. While the application method differs according to each product, they all take only a few minutes each day to achieve your desired results. Then, you can continue to use the products less frequently as part of a maintenance system that is designed to help you continue to enjoy the wondrous benefits of using a natural herb to promote greater health and beauty.