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Stherb Fullness Breast Massage Oil 50 ml. (Formula 3)


Massage Oil Formula 3  Transform your bustline with Fullness Breast Massage Oil by Pueraria mirifica Herbal essence, a luxurious and natural way to nourish the skin of the breast look plump.

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Stherb Fullness Breast Massage Oil 50 ml. (Formula 3)

St. Herb Fullness Breast Massage Oil is a natural oil blend that is designed to enhance the appearance of flat and sagging breasts. It contains extracts derived from natural ingredients, primarily Pueraria mirifica, a Thai herb known for its breast-enlarging properties. Pueraria mirifica extract contains phytoestrogens, such as miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, which exhibit estrogen-like effects in the female body. Additionally, the oil also contains isoflavones, including daidzein, glycitien, genistein, and puerarin, sourced from small black soybeans.

The combination of these ingredients stimulates the manifestation of feminine characteristics, such as breast enlargement, improved skin elasticity, and enhanced moisture retention. The oil also works synergistically with the extracts from young black soybean sprouts, which have significantly higher levels of isoflavones compared to Pueraria mirifica. Key isoflavones found in the soybean extract include daidzein, glycitien, and genistein. These isoflavones possess properties similar to estrogen and contribute to the expression of female traits, such as plump and firm breasts and healthy hair.

St. Herb Fullness Breast Massage Oil is formulated to be used through gentle massage on the breasts. It is intended to promote blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and the absorption of the active ingredients into the breast tissues. Regular application of the oil may lead to visible improvements in breast appearance, resulting in fuller, more uplifted breasts.

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