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Private Labeling

For those who are our Stherb families through out the world. This is type of product purchase system that we support you to have your own brand under our manufacture standard. You can purchase any of our effective products which we can support you all the procedure process such as, manufacture, complete product detail or even package design. 

Product Range for O.E.M. Branding

Advantages :

  • – Having your own brand.
  • – Not be given time limitations on purchasing the next order.
  • – Able to keep stock of the products in hand.
  • – Already have the complete product details for both customs and customer.
  • – We support all the procedure process such as, manufacture, complete product detail or even package design.

Additional Information : Safety: We guarantee that it is safe for use by the great majority of consumers; that it will be stable on the shelf of a retail outlet and will be preserved properly to insure against bacterial contamination and degradation for a set period of time.

Production : When you are ready to bring your new product to market, the production facility you chose must be flexible enough to handle the job and subsequent increased production. Our stock or custom formulations allow you to focus on the simple task of selling your products, without the hassle of actually making them. 

Quality Assurance : The quality MUST be assured. All our ingredients are QA/QC checked to insure purity and potency prior to manufacturing and all formulas are tested for proof of potency and stability and freedom from microbiological contamination after manufacturing. 

Labeling & Rights : Your labels must be in compliance with current and ongoing regulations in advance, you have the final responsibility for meeting all federal, state and local requirements on your labels. We can offer a short run digital printing of labels on both clear and white stock for those interested in short run label production. Contact us for details because we do offer Graphics Design work should you need help creating your labels, logos or product marketing materials.