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The founder (Nicom Kamhangptiyuth) of the company discovered the White Kwao Krua (known as Pueraria Mirifica) at his own farm land at Chiang Rai in the Northern Thailand. Where he learned from his worker that, “If you eat this, your breasts become big!”

Mr.Nicom applied for a scientific result of his Kwao Krua in the Department of Plant Molecular Biotechnology in United States.


The results stated that Mr.Nicom’s Kwao Krua has a high density of Pueraria Mirifica’s chemical compounds but the disadvantage of Kwao Krua is that it has a slow growth rate.

Mr.Nicom made a research with the group of biologist to develop biological compound that will enhance the growth of the Kwao Krua.

The lab team finally came out with a special type of Kwao Krua that resulted in fast growth rate and Mr. Nicom started the first systematic plantation, at 2000 acre land in Chiang Rai province, and becoming the only high premium type of Pueraria Mirifica farm in the world.

With great efforts of maintaining the farm in the natural farming way, Mr.Nicom organized a group of biologists to find a perfect way to extract out the Pueraria Mirifica to be used in cosmetics.


Finally, the lab team came up with a perfect extract component that can be used in cosmetic industry. Mr. Nicom made a clinical research and studies on the product that will be use on human. After all the research and development, Mr. Nicom was prepared to introduce the product for the world.


The Tropical Herbal Product Co., Ltd. was established and his Bangkok office in Rachada road was opened.The Company started the business by exporting the raw-materials in an O.E.M. The Company had more than 20 different orders per-month to other countries.


As the Pueraria Mirifica reaches a popularity through out the world the company faced an obstacle towards the importers. The importers seem to find a cheaper Pueraria Mirifica in Thailand where the Company lost most of the importers.

Realizing the problem the Company renovated by reminding customers that there is only one top-quality of Pueraria Mirifica through promotions. The products are also approved by Food And Drugs Administration of Thailand,

registration code G187/42 for Puereria Mirifica, and G202/42 for Butea superba.

As a result, the importers that bought cheap-low-quality Pueraria Mirifica started to face the product quality complains from their consumers.


Tropical Herbal Product Co., Ltd received numerous questions from the consumers through out the world about the other type of Pueraria Mirifica products that does not work efficiently as labeled. The Company started to regain back the importers to 50 percent.

To gain consumers confidence in the Company’s products, Mr. Nicom applied for CTFA (The Cosmetic, Toiletry, And Fragrances Association).


Tropical Herbal Product Co., Ltd was registered as the first and the only company to be accepted inCTFA as the Pueraria Mirifica Extract and Pueraria Mirifica Tuber Powder supplier (http://www.ctfa-buyersguide.org). Also in the CTFA’s and the International Buyer’s Guide 2003 edition volume 1 pages 247 and 248 as Pueraria Mirifica root supplier.

The Company had importers through out the world. (Countries such as, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Syria, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Czech-Republic, Slovenia, Papua New Guinea, New-Zealand, Australia and United States of America.)


Moved to a new office at Vipavadee Rangsit road. Open new branches in China and India. Expand manufacturing factories to Malaysia and Singapore. The Company is getting laboratory support from Italy and France that helps to improve the product. Introducing a new brand called Stherb Italy.

In the future

The Company has plans to expand the market by launching business strategies on the Internet, so that every end users can seek through to meet upon our Tropical Herbal Products.