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Finished Products

For those who are our Stherb families through out the world.
We have both products from Pueraria Mirifica for women and Butea Superba for men. Our Pueraria Mirifica and Butea Superba are of premium grade so that you can rely on the effectiveness and safety of our finished products which is the best quality for both your body care and spa treatment.

Our products range and be divided into 4 series:
1) Stherb Beauty Breast Series – for natural breast beautification.
2) Stherb Beauty Facial Series – for the perfect facial care.
3) Stherb Men Series – for natural male active care.
4) Stherb Beauty Body Series – for slimming and anti-cellulite.

One of Stherb’s main efficacy is Pueraria Mirifica, this herb is used to make all of our women’s products, therefore, to differentiate us from other pueraria mirifica suppliers, we requested a test from CTFA on our quality of pueraria mirifica. It was approved and our company becomes and still remains as the only pueraria mirifica supplier approved. This ensures the efficiency of our products which are made by the highest quality pueraria mirifica found in the world.Our Breast Series contained Nano Plus Breast Serum, Breast Serum, Breast Spray, Breast Mask, Breast Cream which are for external use and Pueraria Mirifica Capsules (or Breast Capsules) is for female dietary supplement or alternative hormone replacement therapy.

We have 3 generations of Breast Series:
1) The Original – Breast Cream and Breast Capsules
2) The Italy Series – Breast Serum, Breast Spray, and Breast Mask
3) The Nano Series – Nano Plus Breast Serum, Nano Breast Cream, Nano Breast Serum

The Original Series are the first products under Stherb brand, which is still popular for its safety and incomparable effectiveness.

The Italy Series as our second generation, they are improvements of the original external use product, where we improve the efficiency by combining with Italy R&D team.

The Nano Series as our latest generation, improving further of our Italy series with the latest Nanotechnology combining with our exceptionally high quality Pueraria Mirifica, and the result is almost instant.

1) Nano Plus Breast Serum
With the lastest technology, nano particles will keep phytoestrogen’s rich safe. So you will gain most effectiveness in breast firming and anti-sagging.

2) Breast Serum
With deep penetrating liposome and the intense ingredients, the breast will be firmed up within a short time. You can feel the difference within 2 weeks.

3) Breast Spray
With the elegant perfume and the effective phytoestrogen, you would be outstanding with the alluring perfume and the glamour of the beautiful breast.

4) Breast Mask
With the concentrated mask, it will shape up your breast and also help tone the breast skin to be silky soft with even skin color.

5) Breast Cream
The silky soft cream is most suitable for breast massage. It’s time you said good bye to the small size and fulfill a charming breast.

6) Breast Capsules
Effective to balance female body with well-chosen ingredients, rejuvenate the body, tone the skin and beautify the breast.

Our Facial Series contained Day Cream, Night Cream, Facial Mask, and Eye Gel. Pueraria mirifica also have anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effects, with mild phytoestrogen, mixed with the hydrating moisturizer and other herbal extracts, skin will be firmed and rehydrated, making it radiant, youthful and fresh.

1) Day Cream
Protect the skin with phytoestrogen, mulberry extract and SPF15, so it can protect the skin from pigmentation, sun light and pollutions. It also has Vitamin E that helps the skin restore softness and moisterization.

2) Night Cream
Phytoestrogen, aloe and licorice would comfort the skin from daily tiredness. This cream is effective in preventing moisture loss, reducing wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. So the skin can also regain softness and elasticity.

3) Facial Mask
Concentrated phytoestrogen will help reinforce the skin collagen and elastin, while Vitamin E helps reduce wrinkles and the uneven skin color and restore the youthful softness of the skin.

4) Eye Gel
Has antioxidant that helps prevent skin from aging. The crystal pure gel is effective in returning moisture to the skin around eyes and the vitality to the face.

For the men, we used the herb called Butea Superba, this herb is used to make all of our men’s products, and therefore, to differentiate us from other Butea Superba suppliers, we requested a test from CTFA on our quality of Butea Superba. It was approved and our company becomes and still remains as the only Butea Superba supplier approved. This ensure the efficiency of our products which are made by the highest quality Butea Superba found in the world.

Stherb men series is produced from premium Butea Superba. They contained high flavonoids and flavonoids glycosides that help antioxidant, support male hormone balancing and revive the male confidence. This herb can help regulate blood flow for the body and the genitals area, which can help be used for impotence treatment.

1) Butea Superba Capsules
Helps reduce blood cholesterol and improve men health which is the basis to have well performance in both working and daily life.

2) Butea Gel
High potential in supporting vasodilatation around the genital area, help blood circulation, easier erection while also having the property of lubricating gel.