Anyone wishing to enhance their breast size without resorting to surgery will be interested in products that contain Pueraria Mirifica. This miracle herb is not gender-specific and may be used by either sex to boost confidence along with breast size. Research has proven that use of this herb leads to the highest level of female estrogen hormone of any other products on the market.

St. Herb Pueraria Mirifica Products are part nature, and part cutting edge, modern science. Utilizing Nanotechnology (nanostructured lipid carriers), St. Herb labs have perfected several different products, all geared towards the same goal. Following are the Top 10 Breast Enhancement Products they offer.

1. St. Herb Nano Breast Cream 15 g.

Enriched with the Phytoestrogens of Pueraria Mirifica extract, Nanotechnology causes the cream in nanosomes to be released. Nano particles in the cream then penetrate to the deepest levels of breast skin where they encourage the development of fatty tissues and help maintain collagen as well. New cell growth results in larger, fuller breasts, and an increased blood flow nourishes skin, making it youthfully smooth. At the same time, breast ducts lengthen which promotes the "perkiness", curves and cleavage that consumers desire. Other than surgery, this Nano Breast Cream is the closest one can get to immediate results.

2. St. Herb Breast Capsules 60 capsules

Available in easy to swallow capsule form, this Pueraria Mirifica formula for females not only encourages breast development but also improves general health as well. Listed as one of the Top 10 Breast Enhancement Products on the market, it also helps support healthier skin, bones and hair. The active ingredients in these capsules are known to relieve menopausal symptoms and thereby enhance emotions that lead to improvements of sexual desire. Taken consistently, and combined with other St Herb Breast Enhancement Products, these capsules help maintain health and breast improvements.

3. St. Herb Breast Cream 100 g.

Considered one of the best products anywhere for breast massage, this cream comes highly regarded as a "fountain of youth" for breasts. Enriched phytoestrogens encourages mammary gland growth which leads to naturally fuller, more round breasts as well as collagen support which helps to moisten and smooth skin. Top quality Pueraria Mirifica extract targets natural estrogen receptor areas, leading to an increase in breast fatty tissue and a more attractive cleavage. Skin is rehydrated, while collagen and elastin are strengthened to promote a smoother, suppler look and feel.

4. St. Herb Breast Spray 50 ml.

Rich in phytoestrogen compounds, this spray encourages estrogenic properties in female breasts. Revitalized tissue has more strength and tone which allows even sagging flesh to acquire the look and feel of much younger breasts. Presented in a unique spray form that is easily absorbed, cells are nourished while antioxidant agents do a superb job of maintaining skin hydration and youthful resilience. No massage is necessary, nor any kind of complicated routine, simply spray and go. The seemingly magic properties of this extract with its high isoflavone content show definite, obvious results in just a few weeks.

5. St. Herb Breast Mask 50 g.

Of the Top 10 Breast Enhancement Products older consumers could purchase today, this mask has all the essential nutrients needed to revitalize aging skin deep down. Instead of drooping or sagging, "well fed" breast tissue becomes tight and firm again. Pueraria Mirifica extracts lessen the appearance of stretch marks by breaking down dead skin cells as well as evening out skin tone. Designed for use with St. Herb Breast Spray, active ingredients penetrate the skin by gentle massage. Not only does this improve the immediate situation, it also works to delay the natural aging process in the long term.

6. St. Herb Breast Serum 60 ml.

By encouraging new cell growth, St. Herb's Breast Serum lifts sagging breasts without a surgeon’s knife. The intense ingredients of Liposome deeply penetrate breast tissue and the difference can be felt in as little as two weeks. Breast appearance is greatly improved by increased collagen production and this keeps skin moist while antioxidants discourage wrinkling. The nutrient packed richness of this Breast Serum encourages ligaments to lengthen naturally, leading to a firmer, higher bust line. Prolonged use of the St. Herb Breast Serum promotes youthful appearing breasts with no effort involved other using it as directed. Of all Top 10 Breast Enhancement Products, this one is a consumer favorite.

7. St. Herb Nano Plus Breast Serum 30 ml.

Nano particles and the latest nanotechnology combined with the phyto estrogen in this herbal serum from Pueraria Mirifica will lift sagging breasts and give them new life. Special properties of the nanosomes cause nourishing agents to be held inside the particles. As they penetrate to the deepest layers of inner skin, nourishment is released directly to the breast. This adds strength to connective tissue and ligaments which results in lifting and firming as well as increasing the bust line by expanding the substructure of cells. When ducts are lengthened breasts perk up and it's like time has reversed itself.

8. St. Herb Nano Breast Serum 15 ml.

This nano Breast Serum, (like all Top 10 Breast Enhancement Products) contain Pueraria Mirifica because it works. Tissue is revitalized with more hydration and damage from free radicals is held off. By combining natural herbs and cutting edge nano technology, St. Herb Serum works at the cellular level reinforcing connective tissue and ligaments which encourages tired, sagging breasts to "perk up." The end result of using this serum as directed are firmer, fuller breasts with a cleavage to be proud of, and the improved skin tone of youth to go with it.

9. St. Herb Nano Breast Cream 40 g.

Nano Breast Cream is the end result of Nanotechnology Science and the Thai herb Pueraria Mirifica. This breast cream not only lengthens milk ducts to encourage breast perkiness, it also protects the skin from free radicals. Cell substructure is expanded and this encourages the development of breast lobules so consumers are able to enjoy the benefits of this product almost instantly. Used as directed this amazing cream does more than give new life to tired breasts. It also stimulates blood circulation to the skin, giving it a more youthful, healthier glow.

10. St. Herb Nano Breast Serum 40 ml.

Using Nanotechnology and Pueraria Mirifica extract, this Nano Breast Cream works rapidly to lift and tone sagging breasts. Reinforcement of connective tissues and ligaments lift years off of breasts, and stimulation of collagen adds firmness. Skin is also nourished and imperfections smoothed so a firmer, shapelier bust line has a silkier feel to go with it. Fuller, more round breasts are the result of using this serum. Collagen stimulation also enhances natural curves, bringing breasts closer together and adding cleavage where it is most appreciated.