Have you ever wondered why can't you orgasm? The fact that only 10% of women can easily achieve an orgasm while other 90% are struggling to have one is sad, but it’s true. There are a lot of outside factors that can contribute to these issues. If you're struggling, these sneaky problems could be causing issues in the bedroom.

You Sit Too Much.

Chaining yourself to that desk chair may make your boss happy, but it's bad news for your pelvic muscles. Sitting all day shortens them, and that can lead to pelvic pain that makes it more difficult to orgasm. To prevent problems, she suggests setting an alarm as a reminder to move every half-hour to hour during the work day.

You Wear High Heels.

 Not only are sky-high heels just plain painful to walk in, but wearing them can also have deforming effects on your psoas muscles, which connect with muscles and nerves that lead to your pelvic floor, genitalia, and related organs.

You Don't Tell Your Partner What You Want.

Staying silent about what really turns you on isn't going to help you climax. Plus, every woman's body parts are shaped slightly different, so motions and angles that feel amazing for one person just don't do it for another.

You Don't Drink Enough Water.

The arousal tissue that extends into the connective tissue system needs to slide and glide in order to work its O-inducing magic, and it can't do that without fluid. The easiest way to ensure that happens is to be hydrated.

You Don't Masturbate.

To up your chances of achieving orgasm with a partner, health experts recommend masturbating a few times a week. Why? A woman's ability to fantasize and use her imagination during masturbation can help her unleash her creative inhibitions in bed, and it helps her learn exactly how and where she likes to be touched.

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Credit: Woman’s Day

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