At a young age, you probably learned most of your acne advice from your friends –some is right and some is wrong, and somehow you just believe that it is all true. Now, there's no need to be misinformed about what causes adult acne because today, we have gathered 4 lies that you have heard about acne.

Chocolate Causes Breakouts

No food gives you acne. Acne is mostly due to heredity and hormones. Dairy and sugar, however, trigger an increase in insulin levels, which increases the number of androgens (male hormones) in your system. These are the hormones that can cause the large, painful cysts that tend to cluster around the jawline.

There is good news: Chocolate does not appear to be linked to acne. But to be safe, stick to dark chocolate low in sugar and dairy content.

Sunscreen Clogs Your Pores

Not all sunscreens will make adult acne worse, although some heavy sunscreens can clog pores. The solution is simple: Look for oil-free formulas. Lightweight fluid or liquid gel formulas dry quickly and don't feel greasy.

Adult Acne Is Caused by Dirty Skin

The real culprits behind adult acne are hormones and heredity. The more abrasively you treat your skin, the worse you're going to make your acne. Dermatologists uniformly recommend washing the skin gently with a mild cleanser that does not strip the skin of natural oils and letting the topical or oral medications balance the hormones and target the blemishes.

Don't Go Near Any Oils If You Have Acne

Some oils, such as mineral oils, can be occlusive and clog your pores, but silicones, such as dimethicone, are also oils. They are used in 'oil-free' products and have a mattifying effect. The safest bet is to stick to products — lotions and makeup — that are designated "noncomedogenic" on the label; that ensures that they won't clog pores.

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