Looking for ways to remove age spots? We have got your back. Having age spots might feel like a battle—to discover spots and freckles you could swear weren’t there yesterday. When it comes to freckles and dark spots, prevention is everything. However, we’re also fortunate enough to have tons of options to remove those annoying age spots before they get any worse.


Not only will sunscreen prevent the age spots you already have from getting darker, but it will also keep future ones from forming. If you’re looking for a nice sunscreen that doesn’t sticky and easy to wash off, try St. Herb Sunscreen Nano Complex SPF50 PA+++. This sunscreen is designed to protect your skin from UVB from sunburn, melasma and polluted environmental damages as well as PA+++.

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Lightening Creams and Serums

Lightening creams help to reduce age spots by suppressing the production of melanin. If you’d like to give this option a whirl, the active ingredients to look for are hydroquinone, glycolic acid, kojic acid, licorice root extract, and niacinamide. Hydroquinone is considered the gold standard of lightening, but is known for being harsher on the skin and may trigger side effects, such as skin irritation and rebound pigmentation if it’s applied for too long.


It freezes and destroys the pigment-making cells, causing the spots to flake off. As the skin heals, it appears lighter. This treatment is best for single age spots or small clusters of them and can be done a few times a month if necessary.

Intense pulsed light (IPL)

Hands down, the easiest and most effective option for age spots is IPL which uses light to target the color brown. It destroys the pigment, causing the age spot to turn darker and slough off after about a week.

                Removing age spots can take lots of time and money. It’d be better to try more affordable ways. For that, we recommend St. Herb Facial Mask. This well exfoliating mask help you remove dead skin cells, rebalancing moisture level and decelerate skin deterioration, gradually clarifying skin to be glowing and supple.

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