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  1. Does Tea Bag Really Reduce Puffy Eye?
    Does Tea Bag Really Reduce Puffy Eye?
    Having puffy eyes after a rough night? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Puffy eyes can be caused from sleep deprivation, allergies or even hormone changes. It is a culprit that add years to your face. Want to get rid of it? Just go grab a tea bag. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Just follow the tricks down below.
  2. Myths About Acne That Are Totally Wrong
    Myths About Acne That Are Totally Wrong
    At a young age, you probably learned most of your acne advice from your friends –some is right and some is wrong, and somehow you just believe that it is all true. Now, there's no need to be misinformed about what causes adult acne because today, we have gathered 4 lies that you have heard about acne.
  3. Best Way To Remove Age Spots
    Best Way To Remove Age Spots

    Looking for ways to remove age spots? We have got your back. Having age spots might feel like a battle—to discover spots and freckles you could swear weren’t there yesterday. When it comes to freckles and dark spots, prevention is everything. However, we’re also fortunate enough to have tons of options to remove those annoying age spots before they get any worse.

  4. Hacks For Better Sleep at Night
    Hacks For Better Sleep at Night
    A good night's sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Getting less than seven hours of sleep has been frequently linked to issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and weight gain. If you are struggling with poor sleep, here are what you can do to restore your natural sleep cycles.
  5. Tips For Getting the Best Sun Tan

    Many women enjoy having darker skin complexion or mostly called tanned skin because sun-kissed glow skin can offer a healthier look, making your curves and muscles more noticeable. That’s why sun bathing is getting popular each day. However, there are things that you need to be careful when it comes to sunbathing, ‘a sun damage’ that causes premature aging and skin cancer.  To prevent you from these conditions, follow these tips below.

    Don’t Do Sunbeds

    Some salon often claims that they can give you a healthy tan with a sunbed. That’s a lie because "It's the wrong UV – tanning beds pump out huge amounts o